With COP28 around the corner, we asked our team what small steps they are taking to do their bit in combating the climate crisis.

Our Director of Sustainability and Growth, Emma Sueref has worked with the team to demonstrate how we are reacting as individuals. From reducing single-use plastics, shopping locally to installing energy saving technologies, we’re proud of the diverse actions contributing to our collective impact

We know that big action needs to be taken, but being small doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. For example, we know that:

  • Agriculture contributed to 10% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. Opting for local produce, adopting a plant-based diet, and minimising food miles are effective ways to reduce this environmental impact.
  • Transportation is responsible for 27% of UK emissions. Small changes in your travel habits can have a significant impact on lowering this statistic!
  • Buildings’ energy consumption constitutes 17% of total emissions. You can contribute to emissions reduction by decreasing your household energy use—consider switching to a renewable energy supplier or investing in a heat pump.
  • To meet emissions targets, the production of household waste must decrease by 33% by 2037. Embrace recycling, upcycling, and the philosophy of “make do and mend” to play a part in achieving this goal.

As we gear up for COP28, a pivotal halfway point in our global journey towards sustainability, we recognise the importance of every effort. This summit is a crucial chance for leaders worldwide to make a lasting impact. Our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we’re excited to be unveiling our first sustainability strategy in the new year. Our Coreus commitments, combined with the everyday actions of our team, showcase our dedication to making a positive difference.

Emma said, “It was great to learn about what our team are doing to make small changes that will add up to create a bigger impact. There were initiatives that I was completely unaware of that our team were undertaking, and I challenge all other business to engage and understand the cumulative impact their people can have on the environment.”

We invite you to join us in this journey. Share with us changes you have made, and let’s inspire each other to create a sustainable future.

Together, every small action counts.