Its #NationalBikeWeek!


Delivered by Cycling UK, National Bike Week is an annual celebration to showcase cycling and how brilliant it is.


The Coreus team are keen advocates of cycling, with Dan King and Euan Stronge cycling to work every morning.


Euan Stronge, Coreus Director said “Cycling to work ensures that I get an hour of exercise every day, something that is crucial when having an office job! It is a good time to reflect and think, making it excellent for both the mind and body!”


Cycling remains a great way to keep fit and active, while also being fantastic for your well-being.  Coreus champions it’s health and wellbeing initiatives as we believe a healthy workforce is a happy one!


As well as being great for your body, it also gives the planet a much-needed break.


Maxine Goodey, Director of Sustainability said “Leaving the car at home this summer and cycling to work can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Cycling has an average carbon footprint of 21 per km, compared to driving which has an average of 127.9 per car! This small change can make a big difference. Be the difference!”


We challenge you to get cycling this weekend.


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