“It’s a privilege for Coreus to be involved in two large scale urban regeneration projects in South London. Being incorporated into the project team at such an early stage of the design ensures that the advice and service we provide has the greatest impact in maximising value for our Client’’
Andrew Clancy

Services Provided

  • Cost Management

Key Challenges

  • With the sheer scale of the two projects, forecasting construction prices and trends in a post-Covid construction environment has been a particularly difficult challenge to overcome.

What we did

Across the combined Lambeth and Maudsley schemes there are 700 residential units planned, in a project that will bring about much positive change for the community.

Coreus have worked alongside the design team in providing cost and buildability advice through RIBA Stages 1-3. Our scope has also included whole life costing assessments and furnishing the Client with sufficient information when making significant project decisions.


Andrew Clancy
Managing Director

Andrew Clancy