“Helping oversee the establishment of a new Framework which will be used by SSDC for years to come has been a real highlight. It’s given Coreus the opportunity to work closely with the council’s own procurement team, which has resulted in the drafting of a unique and bespoke Framework Agreement.’’
Scott Moore

Services Provided

  • Consultancy

Key Challenges

  • Establishing a strategy with regards to performance monitoring and deciding on the most appropriate clauses to integrate into the forms of contract which would make up the Framework Agreement provided a challenge. Given the length of the framework term, it was also critical that the client was comfortable with the nature of the agreement and what internal resourcing would be required in order to facilitate delivery of the works. Legal assistance was sought and Coreus facilitated thorough discussions with the client aimed at fleshing out key goals and objectives which the framework would need to deliver on.

What we did

Coreus undertook a mini competition to select the best-value legal offering to inform drafting of the framework agreement. Coreus were also central in drafting the wider tender documentation, including the technical/commercial scoring criteria. Coreus have continued to provided support in answering tender queries as they have landed during the tender process and will be heavily involved in the appraisal of tender returns.