Climate Change and Carbon Consultancy

  • Net Zero Carbon Strategies

The UK governments commitment to delivering a Net Zero economy by 2050 will bring about a significant shift in the way we operate as a society. Everyone has a role to play in order to achieve this, setting a challenge for all sectors of the economy. In order to be successful, we will have to go further and do more than ever before. Our extensive knowledge and expertise can help deliver tangible net-zero outcomes for any businesses or development and ensure you are net-zero ready by using a 4-step approach combined with innovative thinking to help address this tough target.

  • Carbon Assessments 

To support the UK’s ambition for a Net Zero Economy, it is important for our clients to understand the embodied carbon of their developments and operational carbon of their businesses. Our carbon impact assessments are informed by the latest guidance and standards and we work with the worlds leading modelling software to help inform our recommendations and reporting. We engage with our clients to understand the scope and drivers behind the assessment ensuring maximum value is added demonstrating tangible cost and carbon savings. We accurately identify embodied and operational energy impacts, so that we can make sound recommendations to reduce
carbon emissions. We can deliver Whole Life Cycle Assessments for BREEAM, we can assess the carbon footprint of your business and we can undertake formal carbon impact assessments to inform EIA’s, decision-makers and designs for both infrastructure and building projects.

Environmental Assessment and Certification 

  • Sustainability Assessment Methods

We are able to deliver most major UK and international sustainability assessment methodologies including BREEAM, DREAM, Home Quality Mark (HQM) and SKA Rating.

We also have previous experience with the LEED, WELL Building Standard and FitWel. We streamline the process to ensure smooth and successful assessments. We are known for maintaining a pragmatic and commercial stance, with expertise which allows us to deliver true value ensuring that reasonable targets are assigned whilst still facilitating sustainable development.

We can also provide several associated services that form part of the requirements of the assessment methodologies. Where we are not able to deliver these in house, we will work with our trusted partners to ensure the route to compliance is clear and achievable. These additional services include BREEAM Accredited Professional, Building User Guides, Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments, Sustainable procurement plans. Climate change risk and adaption strategies, Waste management plans and Post Occupancy Evaluation.

  • Bespoke Sustainability Assessments AND Frameworks

We develop bespoke sustainability assessments and frameworks that meet our client’s project scope, budget and program requirements. We base our frameworks on best practice guidance relevant to the project size and scope, providing a tailored approach to achieving sustainable development. We will then monitor these throughout the design and construction phases providing support to the project teams as required.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Co-ordination

Our team delivers project management and coordination services for EIA to developers, assessing potential significant environmental impacts on a range of development types including infrastructure works. These impacts are highlighted, assessed and the scope for mitigating these is then presented in the Environmental Statement (ES), which accompanies the planning application. Our EIA coordinators are specialists at leading bespoke teams comprising of a mix of our in-house experts, trusted partners and other members of a project team. We do not provide a box-ticking exercise but rather go above and beyond to ensure maximum value is added.


  • Sustainability Statements

We are able to complete sustainability statements for planning or funding authorities to demonstrate and highlight developments sustainability credentials. We provide advice and evaluate how best a project can meet the specific aims of local, regional and national planning policy. We also complete any regional checklists or similar which can form part of the statements. We also have considerable experience completing sustainability strategies at an organisation level or as part of a high-level outline planning submission. The service is different for every project/ organization and therefore we work closely with our clients to establish the scope, so our recommendations and reports reflect the level of detailed they require.

  • Sustainability Co-ordination

We can provide invaluable support for our clients, championing sustainability targets and driving change within the design teams. Our sustainability coordinators sit within our client and design team from early design through to final completion. As part of this role, we will monitor the achievement against chosen sustainability targets. We will also facilitate sustainability discussions, help set and monitor specific project-related targets, draft sustainability requirements for contractor tenders, liaise and support contractors,
conduct site visits and review any changes to specification.

  • Bid winning sustainability service

We help deliver bid responses for clients that struggle with environmental, social and community-related tender responses. We work with in house bid teams to develop ideas and deliver responses that differentiate from the rest.

  • Sustainable master planning

We use our excellent working knowledge of sustainability assessment methods like BREEAM Communities to inform our approach to sustainable master planning. We set up dedicated sustainability sessions with the client, design team and key stakeholders to fully understand and breakdown the plan to ensure our strategies and advice provide maximum benefit. We then set scopes and targets applicable to the type and size of the development and provide a strategy and/or road map detailing how sustainable
development can be achieved.

Building Performance and Analysis

  • Residential energy modelling

Our intuitive SAP service means we understand the different requirements of clients/developments and go beyond compliance checking. Instead, we become part of the design team offering pragmatic and useful advice at the early stages to help ensure that the best energy reductions and CO2 performance is met in the most economical way. We are also able to offer RdSAP for existing residential units.

  • Waste Management Plans

We can develop Site Waste Management Plans to help developers reduce waste. We use best practice guidance and data sources. Our work, level of support and advice can be tailored to meet your requirements and we can create, audit or monitor SWMPs across all development types.

  • Sustainable Procurement Plans

We can provide a broad range of support from simple policy statements to full strategies, incorporating circular economy principles and everything in between. We believe we are positioned fantastically within the marketplace to deliver true value for our clients.

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation

Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is the process of obtaining feedback on a building’s performance in use, by undertaking user surveys to ask occupants how they feel about their environment. There are a number methodologies available to support this process and we work closely with our clients to establish the most appropriate route.

  • Our Trusted Partner

We can also work with our trusted partner to deliver on a wider variety of building performance assessments including but not limited to commercial energy modelling, thermal modelling and comfort analysis, daylight calculations and much more.

Corporate Responsibility

  • CR Strategy and ESG Reporting

Organisations work with us to help unlock the value of sustainability in the short, medium and long term. We help develop and define materiality assessments to inform environmental and social elements that are fundamental to their business and key stakeholders. Using the materiality assessment, we will discern the most appropriate reporting process and assist in collating, analysing and disclosing the data to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation and third- party mechanisms. We assist in improving organizations ESG ratings by providing innovative solutions and recommendations to help improve their practices. We have a sound understanding of sustainability
metrics and rating systems including GRI, GRESB, CDP/UNPRI.